Created by 3iqs Inc.
August 23
Tailored eCommerce

Advanced eComemerce system to allow clients to tailor shirts from the web.

Coming Soon
Created by 3iqs Inc.
August 15
Custom Phone Case

Customize 3D printing phone cases with any attributes web development.

Coming Soon
Created by 3iqs Inc.
March 02
Daily T-shirts

eCommerce system to allow artists to sell their tshirts designs.

Coming Soon

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Custom Shirts

eCommerce system to tailor personalized dress shirts with 3D technology and robust shopping cart platform.

Custom Table-Top

Advanced application to allow the configuration and precise measurment of glass counter-tops and table-tops.

Optical eCommerce

Optical products configurators and full development for robust sales on

Men's Warehouse

Men top-notch clothing is now offered better by this men's warehouse web site.

Combat eCommerce

CombatOptical is an advanced devleopment of eCommerce with daily deals along with cross connectivity amongst various points of sale and warehouses.

3D Car Parts

Creation of 3D parts in 3D max with the purpose to customize cars online and tunne them accordingly.

Game Design

Drawing of characters for pre-approval of 3D form.

Abstract Design

Drawing of abstract design on photoshop.

Daily Deals eCommerce

Web Development of an advanced daily deal community ecCmmerce website.

Abstract Design

Abstract Logo Design in Photoshop.

Pet eCommerce

eCommercey System for pet shop accessories.

Game Characters

Game Character Design in Photoshop for prestaging into photoshop.

Ethnic eCommerce

Islamic Wear eCommerce customized clothing.

Photoshop Illusions

Developing Photoshop Illusions for painters.

Game Development

Online game development with 3D max and Unity.

Internet Service Provider

Danmarks Internet Service provider web development and eCommerce system.

Kids' Shoes eCommerce

Advanced eCommerce System and Design for kids shoes.

Invitation's eCommerce

Advanced eCommerce System and Design for downloadable products wedding invitations and various canvases.

Cartridge's eCommerce

Advanced eCommerce System and Design for Cartridge products and various printing related products with customizable attributes.

Watch's eCommerce

Complex system to sell watches in the UK, with various attributes to filter results precisely and aadvanced SEO.

3D Game Design

3D max design of games with ability to integrate with JAVA for further development.

AV System eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce audio system and cinematic equipment website.

Specialty eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce specialty products such as canabis, drugs and guns.

Car Dealership Website

Web Development of car dealerships with advanced functions and interactions.

Cosmetic eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce cosmetic website with impressive filtering options.

Optical eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce optical products and equipment.

Fantasy Football Website

Web Development of eCommerce Fantasy Football Website.

Financial Website

Web Development of financial website with database interactions.

Furniture eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce specialty furniture such as custom sofas, beds, mattresses. Advanced web development and database structure.

Fashion eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce high-end fashion clothing website.

Pool Services

Web Development of pool services website.

Tile eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce tile customization and website design.

Wine eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce for alcohol and especially wine tasting and enthusiasts.

Real Estate Development

Web Development advanced real estate website with interactive features.

Pastry eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce pastry products chocolate and gift products.

3D Dress Design

Web Development of dress custom eCommerce with 3D dress design.

3D Shoes Design

Web Development of 3D shoes eCommerce with advanced implementations.

3D Phone eCommerce

Web Development of 3D Phone Case customizer online eCommerce system.

Bridal eCommerce

Web Development of custom bridal products eCommerce.

Financial Trade Website

Web Development of trade financial website for high end Toronto client.

Kid's eCommerce

Web Development of kid's downloadable church eCommerce for music and other products.

Logo for eCommerce

Web Development of eCommerce along with specialty logo design.

Law Office Logo Design

Law Practive website design and logo design.

Trade Logo Design

Web Development of Trade eCommerce and logo design.

Artist Marketplace

Web Development of eCommerce system to allow artists to sell their t-shirt designs with fundraising and capital goals.

Cell Logo Design

Web Development and logo design for wireless accessories ecommerce website.


Wireless eCommerce

Web Development of wireless accessories eCommerce system.

Dress Shirt eCommerce

Web Development of dress shirt eCommerce website along with customization of shirt tool.

Social Media

Web Development of social media website with commerce impementations.

Tile Configurator

Web Development of tile configuration order measurment and eCommerce.

Yoga Design

Design of Yoga concept.